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By the age of 20, a Native English-speaking American Knows 42,000 Dictionary Words

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By the age of 20, a native English-speaking American knows 42,000 dictionary words.

When it comes to exploring all the opportunities in life, Americans are among some of the best. But it also seems that they do know lots of words as well. By the age of 20, the average American does tend to know around 42k words, which is a lot for sure.

The reality is that most of these words are not used on a day to day basis. But they do show that there is indeed a lot of challenge to be had and the fact that you can easily learn more and more words as an adult is interesting as well.

It’s rather daunting and nothing short of challenging to explore all of these options. But the simple fact that you already know thousands and thousands of words at the age of 20 in the US is incredible. Not everyone actually uses those words, and the experience offered by them does differ. But as a whole, you will find that the outcome is quite rewarding and that’s what really matters the most here. However, being able to learn so many words in 20 years is downright impressive.

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